What is it

YACCA (Youth and Community in Conservation Action) is an environmental youth group set up to educate high school aged students about their local environment. YACCA – Willunga was set up in the late stages of 2013 and has been running successfully, with the number of members, aged 11-16, skyrocketing. These members attend different schools and come from different environmental backgrounds.

Some of the environmental activities the Willunga group have participated in include planting days with Trees for Life and NRM, surveys along the Aldinga Reef with Reef Watch, water and macro-invertebrate testing along the perennial creeks in Willunga, trapping nights at Tatachilla Lutheran College and much more.

YACCA LILLA (Yankalilla) is hoping to run monthly after-school sessions using a similar format, with a partnership established between Normanville Natural Resource Centre, the Yankalilla Library, the Community Services team from Council and Corey Jackson, Coast, Estuary & Marine Officer for the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula.

Not only do the members of YACCA get to participate in exciting activities; experienced scientists, leading experts and local community groups will enlighten them along the way, on environmentally significant issues. By coupling education with activities, the participants will receive hands on experience as well as knowledge, solidifying the understanding of the relevant issues.

The activities that the YACCA LILLA group will participate in will give the young members enthusiasm about the work that they are doing and help to create a passion for environmental work. If the members are passionate about what they do, they will feel a sense of ownership towards it. If they feel ownership, they are more likely to try to protect the work that they have done; whether that be revegetation, helping a native species, or cleaning up an area of environmental significance. It is the YACCA organisers’ hope that we will create a group of environmentally minded students who will invest and protect our local environment well into the future.

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